WIP Wednesday (Thursday Edition)

I really did intend on doing a WIP post yesterday, right up until I woke up yesterday morning and didn’t think of it at all. I’ve got four projects on the go right now, starting with weaving: This was originally going to be a set of bumberet towels. About 3 inches in, I realized I…

Try, Try Again

This is a story of three shawls. I’ll start with the moral of the story, and then get into the long version Sometimes it’s not the right yarn, sometimes it’s not the right pattern, sometimes it’s not the yarn for the pattern Last fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to test knit a pattern for…

The “whys” of making

I don’t, generally, consider myself an artist. I am a person who practices fiber arts, but I don’t consider the things I make to be art themselves. I am fortunate enough to know some amazing artists who use the same tools I do and produce amazing pieces of art. Their work speaks – it tells…

Christmas Sweaters: My Turn

I had see the pattern for Breathing Space and I fell in love. It’s beautiful, simple, and a perfect way to play with colour (can I share a secret? I’m bad with colour, I just don’t know what to do once there’s more than one involved).

Christmas Sweaters for the Kids

Just before Christmas I got it in my head that it would be a good idea to knit my family all sweaters. I wasn’t really doing Christmas knitting (I had almost finished a scarf for my mom, and knew the mittens I had planned for her wouldn’t take long), so it seemed like a reasonable…

End of Summer

I realize I’ve been quiet over the last couple of months. It’s been mostly intentional – I had planned an update here or there, but nothing structured. I wanted to take time “off” this summer. The kids were home and we spent a lot of time away or with friends or just doing things that had absolutely nothing to do with “work”. 

Flirtation is Ready!

Have you been as excited about this as I have? This has been a long time coming! Back in March I had the idea to teach a lace class – it seemed like the next logical step after a beginner class, a mitten (cables!) class and a sock class. Lace is something I’ve always loved…

Experimenting with hats

These hats are pretty quick to knit – I started one when I put on a movie with the kids, and finished it later that evening after they went to bed. I’ve been playing with different yarns that I have on hand – single strands, and doubling up to get a marled look. Playing with yarns also means playing with needle size and stitch count, so the “pattern” for these is more of a “recipe”.

Basic Baby Hats

It’s not a requirement to participate in the event, but it’s a way for people to participate in something that’s good for the community as a whole. Baby hats are simple to make and don’t take a lot of time (about 2 hrs for me from start to finish), and most knitters will have enough leftover yarn lying about to make a couple. Basically I wanted to give people the opportunity to do something good.  I’ll take care of dropping the hats off, they just need to do the knitting. 

WIP Wednesday

It’s been so lovely outside lately that a lot of my free time has been spent outside. My needles haven’t been totally idle though! Last week finished up my sock knitting class, which meant my sock needles were empty, and we can’t have that. I cast on a pair for myself using up scraps I…

Off Topic

This post has nothing to do with fiber or yarn or knitting or spinning or weaving or any of that. I’m just very happy and wanted to share. I’m going away this weekend with my husband. We’re leaving the kids with his parents and running away together. Our 12th anniversary was last weekend, and we…

WIP Wednesday: Knit Class Projects

. Since starting the classes, I’ve always had a project to work on. This week, I’m working on the sock for my current sock class, and also writing a pattern for an upcoming lace class.