Book Review: Respect the Spindle

Abby’s laid back, conversational writing style makes this book easy and relaxing to read. Her years of experience and research give her the ability to present the information in a way that is clear but doesn’t feel dumbed down. Even having spun for years (and having used Abby’s resources in the past) I was able to learn new things and gain a better understanding of the tool and how to use it. I think this book is excellent for any spinner – new or well seasoned – regardless of how familiar they are with a spindle.


Combination Knitting

Years later, while part of a knitting group, as I was knitting and chatting and sipping on coffee, someone looked at what I was doing, and I’m not sure if their exact words were “what the hell are you doing?” but that was absolutely the tone and meaning behind what they said. They had been watching me for a few minutes, and were completely amazed because what I was doing made no sense to them.

My Basic Sock Recipe

I posted a picture of socks I was knitting for my daughter on my facebook page recently, and someone asked for the pattern. My standard sock recipe, scaled down to fit my daughter. I use Judy’s magic cast on, add 4 stitches each side at the instep and my own method of a warped short…

My Favourite Tools: Mini Turkish Spindle

This spindle has travelled with me and works great in the car – since it’s so short, even in the cramped space I can get quite a bit of work done on it. As it’s a Turkish spindle, it makes plying easy as well because as I wind on it creates a center pull ball, and it’s easy enough to ply from both ends. Even with the silk blend I haven’t had any issues with tangling or other difficulties.

PMS, or why I might not hate mohair anymore

I don’t like mohair. I want to make that clear. I don’t like knitting with it (it’s rough and sticks together), I don’t like spinning it (I like high-twist yarns and it tends to go ropey), I don’t like weaving with it (I tried to use a fluffy mohair as warp once on a rigid…

WIP Wednesday

It’s March Break this week – that special time of year when my kids have no school and I ship them off to my amazing inlaws. That generally means I do some sort of big project that requires focus or time or is just a whole lot easier when the kids aren’t underfoot. This year,…

Needle Review: ChiaoGoo Twist Mini

This was my first experience with ChiaoGoo needles. I almost always use circulars, but the interchangeable set I was given a few years ago has served me well, and I hadn’t really ventured out to see what else was available. My friend Janet from The Bobbin Tree, knowing my penchant for fine yarns pointed them out to me and I was instantly intrigued.

Not what I expected

Adventures in Dying. Always fun and exciting. I’m going to be doing a scarf for a friend in the near future, and for the first time I’m going to be doing a hand-painted warp. Planning for the warp got me thinking about dying, which made me remember I’ve got some bare top sitting in a…


This is my attempt at sharing what I’m working on in more detail than on my facebook page. I’ll be posting pictures, projects, ideas, reviews, mistakes and questions. I’m hoping this will be a place where I can not just share my work, but how I feel about it. When I work, it’s more than…