This is my attempt at sharing what I’m working on in more detail than on my facebook page. I’ll be posting pictures, projects, ideas, reviews, mistakes and questions. I’m hoping this will be a place where I can not just share my work, but how I feel about it.

When I work, it’s more than just getting the job done. It’s not just about having stock or completing a project. I work because I love it, because it feels good (both in the sense of tactile feelings and internally). I try new things because I want to learn, because it’s interesting, because it’s a way for me to connect. I love how fiber arts connect history and new technology – techniques as old as history blending with new ways of doing things. I love how it’s slow work, the anticipation of watching it all come together. I love the rhythms that flow out of it.

I don’t generally consider myself an artist – when I create it tends to be more a practical and intellectual exercise, not an attempt at getting a larger feeling or story or event into a piece. However, I have a lot of respect and admiration for artists who are able to play with colour and texture and other elements to tell a story or give a greater meaning to yarn and cloth and fiber. I hope to share some of these things that amaze and inspire me.

Generally, there will be weaving, spinning and knitting. Sometimes there will be some dying, crochet, book binding or needle felting. If I have a chance to try new things, I’ll be sure to post those as well. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram as well.



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