WIP Wednesday: Knit Class Projects

. Since starting the classes, I’ve always had a project to work on. This week, I’m working on the sock for my current sock class, and also writing a pattern for an upcoming lace class.


Sometimes you just don’t love it

It wasn’t a yarn problem – the yarn is lovely and was giving me nice stitch definition. It wasn’t even that I don’t like the colours – they’re beautiful and remind me of a landscape in spring – grassy hills and blue sky and just a touch of pink on the horizon – it’s just the colours and the pattern didn’t quite sync up together. I couldn’t follow the flow of the lace because of how the stripes blocked things off.

This Space Intentionally Blank

I had meant to blog yesterday. I was going to blog about my Salt Spray shawl that I finished last week. It was my birthday present to myself and I absolutely adore it. I took a few pictures for Instagram¬†and my Ravelry project page, and then was off to MFAR and I was going to…

Reflections from MFAR

I spent this past weekend with 250 fibre artists. Quilters, felters, rug hookers, knitters, tatters, spinners, and I’m sure I’m missing some. MFAR – the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat – is a yearly event held a little under an hour outside Halifax, NS. This year was, I think, my 6th year at the retreat –…

Finished Friday: Hand Painted Scarf

Last fall, a dear friend who has taught me so many things about spinning, knitting and life asked about replacing her favourite scarf. She had had it for years and it was starting to show its age, so she was curious of any of her weaving friends would be able to help her out. I’m a person who loves a challenge and any excuse to try something new. I asked Catherine about colours, showed her some hand painted warps I could buy, and then promptly decided I was going to take this on and do it myself.

WIP Wednesday: A Tale of 3 Socks

Why did the shawl not get finished on time? The weaving projects went as planned, there’s been no crisis, everything has been great. I’ve just been knitting socks. Three socks. Unplanned socks that I decided to cast on a couple weeks before the deadline for the shawl, because that made a lot of sense at the time. No really, it did.