WIP Wednesday: A Tale of 3 Socks

I want you to know I had a plan going into this week. You see, this weekend I’ll be off to the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat – an annual gathering of local fiber folk. It’s a fantastic weekend of quilters, rug hookers, knitters, felters, tatters, spinners, etc. Don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it when I get back next week.

One of the fun bits that comes with the retreat is being able to show off things we’ve made. Originally, I had been planning on bringing a pair of socks made with the wonderful polwarth/mohair/silk blend I had spun, but once the yarn was finished I realized it was too good for my feet. That idea scrapped, I decided a lace, beaded shawl was what I wanted for my birthday. I could fit that in easily around the two weaving projects I had to get done, and I figured by this point, I’d be ready to cast on a double knit or brioche hat for myself – something pretty and fun and easy enough to work on during the car ride.

Here’s the current state of the hat.

Two very pretty balls of yarn, thick and smooshy and just waiting to become something lovely

As you can see, I haven’t quire gotten to it. That’s because the shawl is still drying – I finished it yesterday afternoon and blocked it last night – before the absolute deadline but not as early as I had hoped.

Why did the shawl not get finished on time? The weaving projects went as planned, there’s been no crisis, everything has been great. I’ve just been knitting socks. Three socks. Unplanned socks that I decided to cast on a couple weeks before the deadline for the shawl, because that made a lot of sense at the time. No really, it did.

Heels are finished, so they’re practically done, right?

The first pair of socks is for my son. You see, I had finished my daughters socks and written up my sock recipe. A dear friend of mine wanted to knit herself some socks, but she was having trouble with the cast on, so I decided some tea and quality time was needed, and went to visit. I happened to have some green yarn lying around (my son’s favourite colour) and his feet are only tiny, and having a pair of socks on the needle is great for carry along knitting (unlike a beaded lace shawl). So it made perfect sense – since I was demonstrating the cast on anyway) to cast on a pair for my boy.

A couple of days after those socks were cast on, I was asked about teaching a sock class. Well, I had already planned on teaching

And these are almost ready for the heels to be knit

the sock class, mostly I was asked to confirm the date the class would start – April 12th. Seeing as it was the end of March, I figured getting started on the “example” might be wise. I’ll have one knit up before the class starts and then knit the second with the class. Completely sensible plan, don’t you think?

These ones are going to be for my husband – with all the socks I’ve made, I’ve never actually made him a pair, so I figured it’s about time (and I did just finish a pair for myself)

I was a bit down to the wire with the shawl, but it’s not the socks fault – I wasn’t going to be doing the shawl on the go. While it was a fairly intuitive pattern, but having to glance at my chart while chatting with people tends to feel awkward (well, when those people aren’t knitters at least).

So that’s why I’m working on socks instead of on a hat, but don’t worry, I still plan on casting that on sometime in the next few days, once I figure out what sort of hat I actually want to make.


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