WIP Wednesday: Knit Class Projects


Last fall, I was given the opportunity to teach knitting classes at a local cafe. The experience has been absolutely wonderful! I’ve gotten to meet some fantastic people, and I’ve gotten to share my love of knitting. I’ve learned so much through this experience!

Along with learning how to teach the classes, I also I had to start getting used to writing patterns. I’ve been adjusting patterns and designing my own for years, but I haven’t generally been very good at writing them down. I’m not always on top of keeping good notes, and I have a habit of doing things on a whim. For the classes, I wanted to work from all of my own patterns – to avoid any hint of copy write or propitiatory issues, since I’m being paid to teach the class – which meant having to fix some bad habits and do things properly.

I’ve had so much fun with this whole experience. Swatching, sampling, and testing things out has been great. Things don’t always go as expected, but that just means I get a chance to try again. Since starting the classes, I’ve always had a project to work on. This week, I’m working on the sock for my current sock class, and also writing a pattern for an upcoming lace class.

I’m so excited for the lace class – lace is my absolute favorite thing to knit. I know it can seem intimidating to some people, but once you understand the individual stitches, it’s no more difficult than any other pattern. For my lace class, I wanted to start off with something basic and comfortable, and then move towards something more challenging. The final project will be a lovely light summer scarf/shawl. IMAG1142

I’m still working on the pattern, but I’m so excited about it I wanted to give a sneak peek. It starts out with sections of garter and stockinette to get used to the shaping and increases. Then we’ll add some simple eyelets, some basic lace motifs and eventually a lovely lace edging to finish it off. The goal is for this to be a one skein project, but I’m planning to do the math for a larger version as well.

IMAG1133While my time has mostly been focused on charts and swatches and math, I’m also still spinning the merino/tencel blend I bought last time I visited Good Fibrations in Saint John. I’m spinning this very fine – aiming for another sock weight 3 ply. It’s going to take a while, but the fiber is so lovely and it’s a great thing to sit and relax with while watching tv.

If you’d like to see the patterns I’ve already finished, they’re available on Ravelry. My sock pattern is almost finished – I just need to take pictures of my heel method – so that will be going up soon.

What are you working on this week?


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