Off Topic


This post has nothing to do with fiber or yarn or knitting or spinning or weaving or any of that. I’m just very happy and wanted to share.

I’m going away this weekend with my husband. We’re leaving the kids with his parents and running away together. Our 12th anniversary was last weekend, and we had to travel this weekend because of Mother’s Day commitments, so he made arrangements and now we’re packed and just waiting for the kids to get home so we can hit the road.

I’m very excited.

We’ll go out to supper and maybe to a movie, walk around and hunt for pokemon, stay up late and sleep in (well, I’ll be sleeping in, he’s not very good at that). We’ll probably eat a bunch of junk food. Basically we get to spend time together and be just a bit irresponsible. That’s what healthy marriages are made of, right?

Alright, I lied, there is some knitting involved – I’m bringing a couple WIPs – the bigger version of my  Flirtation wrap that I’m half way finished, and a new pair of socks (I’ve finished the ones from my last knit class, and sock needles should never be empty). I need something to keep me busy in the car.

Next week I plan on warping my loom again, I have a project in mind, so stay tuned for more details.


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