WIP Wednesday


It’s been so lovely outside lately that a lot of my free time has been spent outside. My needles haven’t been totally idle though!

IMAG1199_1Last week finished up my sock knitting class, which meant my sock needles were empty, and we can’t have that. I cast on a pair for myself using up scraps I had from a few different balls of yarn. Having small feet means I always have leftover sock yarn. Leftover socks are always fun – sometimes I do stripes or opposite patterns. This time it’s pretty simple – contrasting heels and toes. I’m using my standard sock pattern, with 2.25 needles and 60 sts because 64 is just a bit too many for me. The pattern will be up on Ravelry eventually – I had meant to have it finished weeks ago, but I want to do a photo tutorial of the heel technique and explain it a bit better than I did on my earlier blog post. The trouble is getting proper pictures while also holding the needles. I’ll have to recruit one of the kids to help me I think.

I’m also working on the large version of my Flirtation pattern. I’ve just finished the 4th section, so just the lace edging left.


The yarn I’m using for this one is Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball – a cotton acrylic blend. I mostly picked it up because it was the right weight (light fingering) and the price was good (it was on sale), plus it had enough yardage that if my math was wrong I should still be able to finish. I’m at the point now where the ball is a bit smaller than I’d like it to be and I am a bit concerned this will end in a game of yarn chicken. If needed, I can adjust the pattern and skip the last repeat, but I’m really hoping I have enough. Notes on my Ravelry project page will be updated when I’m finished, including more pictures.

IMG_20170520_141117_295Tonight my lace class starts, so I’ll be casting on another small Flirtation to knit along with them. I took a trip out to London Wul and treated myself to some of Heidi’s amazing merino cashmere hand dyed yarn. I am so excited about this class and I can’t wait to get this wrap finished.

What are you working on this week?


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