Flirtation is Ready!

Have you been as excited about this as I have? This has been a long time coming!

Back in March I had the idea to teach a lace class – it seemed like the next logical step after a beginner class, a mitten (cables!) class and a sock class. Lace is something I’ve always loved to knit, and I wanted to be able to pass on that love in a way that was relaxed and not so intimidating. I started experimenting with ideas, swatching, looking through stitch dictionaries, playing with different shapes, and in May I finally finished my first run through of the pattern.

Since then I’ve done the pattern three more times – testing both the small and large versions and checking yardage.

Left to right: Elann Soft Embrace, Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball, Heidi’s By Hand Softcover Merino Cashmere and MadelineTosh Tosh Sock.

The pattern has been tested by my fantastic knitting class, as well as a through read through by a good friend. Charts have been made, directions have been written, pictures have been taken


Now, finally, it’s ready to be set free, and is available on Ravelry! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

IMAG1408The thing I love most about this pattern (aside from the pretty lace and the way it just drapes so nicely) is the button. I love shawls, I love small shawls, I hate having shawls fall off and I am not always good at remembering where I put my shawl pin. Enter, the button. Such a simple solution, but it really adds to the versatility of the shawl.

Speaking of versatility, here’s a couple videos showing how I’ve been wearing these shawls. My personal favourite is the large shawl in what I call “jacket mode” with the small end around the back and fastened under your arm. Once you find the right spot for the button, it’s super comfortable and won’t fall off your shoulders. The little drape of lace over your arm is beautiful and elegant.

And my small Flirtation in action!

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