My Favourite Tools: Mini Turkish Spindle

This spindle has travelled with me and works great in the car – since it’s so short, even in the cramped space I can get quite a bit of work done on it. As it’s a Turkish spindle, it makes plying easy as well because as I wind on it creates a center pull ball, and it’s easy enough to ply from both ends. Even with the silk blend I haven’t had any issues with tangling or other difficulties.

PMS, or why I might not hate mohair anymore

I don’t like mohair. I want to make that clear. I don’t like knitting with it (it’s rough and sticks together), I don’t like spinning it (I like high-twist yarns and it tends to go ropey), I don’t like weaving with it (I tried to use a fluffy mohair as warp once on a rigid…

WIP Wednesday

It’s March Break this week – that special time of year when my kids have no school and I ship them off to my amazing inlaws. That generally means I do some sort of big project that requires focus or time or is just a whole lot easier when the kids aren’t underfoot. This year,…

Needle Review: ChiaoGoo Twist Mini

This was my first experience with ChiaoGoo needles. I almost always use circulars, but the interchangeable set I was given a few years ago has served me well, and I hadn’t really ventured out to see what else was available. My friend Janet from The Bobbin Tree, knowing my penchant for fine yarns pointed them out to me and I was instantly intrigued.

Not what I expected

Adventures in Dying. Always fun and exciting. I’m going to be doing a scarf for a friend in the near future, and for the first time I’m going to be doing a hand-painted warp. Planning for the warp got me thinking about dying, which made me remember I’ve got some bare top sitting in a…